Candidate Endorsement

Political Candidates are endorsed through a vetting process.

AKRA Questionnnaire, voting records, position statements, and news articles
pertaining to critical issues on the ARP Platform are considered.

Beginning in 2019 candidates are asked to sign the current ARP Platform,
indicating any disagreements they may have with each section.

Members are asked to vote for candidates to endorse during an AKRA Endorsement Meeting.
Candidates must receive 2/3 votes of members who participate in the Endorsement Meeting to receive AKRA endorsement.

Candidate Support

If a Republican candidate for office does not support, promote, and defend the Republican Party Platform and is challenged by a candidate who fully supports the Republican Party Platform, a unique situation arises. The Alaska Republican Assembly Executive Board can decide whether or not to support the other candidate for office in order to defend the Republican Party Platform via a majority vote.

AKRA bylaws prevent us from endorsing any non-Republican candidate. Only endorsed candidates can receive AKRA funds.